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Leigh Silvers Geisha Series


Leigh SilversLeigh Silvers is a native New Yorker – or in her words, “New Yorka.  Born and bred in Brooklyn, she still resides there.  Leigh proudly claims a Russian and Swedish ancestry.  She studied fashion design at the Fashion Institue of Technology in NYC, and she has worked as a fashion designer.  Leigh says she “dabbled” in art and is self taught.  She gives God credit for her gift, and her inspiration comes from her dearly departed sister, whose easel she inherited.

Leigh began her journey in painting two years ago after being in a coma for eight months, following a near-death experience.  When she awakened, she found herself having to relearn how to walk and concentrate, among other challenges.  She discovered a new awareness in all life around her, and she began to see the beauty in the mundane.  She now has a passion to share this awareness through her art.

Leigh produces lovely and varied worked of abstract art, using all mediums, and also fantastic computer graphics. She says, “I paint what I feel inside.”

A crop of this painting is located on the artwork page of this issue.

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