Wilson, Nick’s, Marshall, CA, photo, 8X12

Wilson, Nick's, Marshall, CA, photo, 8X12


Photo of artist Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson is a¬†retired Professor of Art at Bakersfield College. His photographs have been exhibited and published widely. He has exhibited at the de Young Museum in San Francisco and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, among others. And published in Cerise Press, Folio, Rolling Stone, The Sun, and Zyzzyva, among others. He says, “I have been on the brink of a brilliant career for 50 years!”

Most of his photographs deal with the travel experience and his response to place. It’s history, culture, politics, art and design. The key is to remain open, receptive, with no preconceived ideas. He likes the Lisette Model quote: “You are the subject, life is the object. It’s your response to what’s happening in front of you or around you that you’re actually photographing.”

Visit him on the web: www.harrywilsonphoto.com.

A crop of this photograph is located on this issue’s fiction page.