Jevin Lee Albuquerque

Fifty in a twenty-five
I’m out of state, my mind

officer, light
skin this critter
beer in console
need counsel
license check
red eyes check

Your lucky day friend
I’m in a similar spot

leaving the gal, car packed, clothes

fishing for a break

Turn around, sleep it off
Leave the state, seven a.m.


Jevin-Lee-AlbuquerqueJevin Lee Albuquerque recently completed his third full-length novel, Hawgfish. A semi-finalist in the 2014 Faulkner-Wisdom competition and recent Pushcart Prize nominee, his prose and poetry have appeared in numerous literary journals. Two of his most current works, a poem and short story, were translated by Bernard Turle and can be found in the French collectif, Poussières Du Monde (Éditions François Bourin, 2014). In a former life, he was a professional soccer player. He has a degree in Latin American Studies from UCLA.