Owing the Lord Your Beer Money

Koal Gil

There comes a time in life, in every life, when the drugs aren’t enough. When the booze isn’t enough. When the revelations cease to amaze and the thoughts continue to pile, causing the devolution of the animal. Of the prowess. Of creativity and of the love. The arms of what is all too familiar aren’t enough. We seek refuge within the familiar. And it’s the familiar which does us in. And in the end, there’s the fear. The fear of eluding the familiar. Though we resent the world, we are afraid to leave what is so familiar. Of what it is we’ve grown to know. Yet, understanding what it is we know is nothing more than a travesty within itself. The fear. We embrace knowledge. But is there knowledge after the credits?

“Is there any more credit on the tab?”

Koal_GilKoal Gil found writing at age fourteen, working for the school newspaper before he was banned a few weeks later. Now, six years later, he continues to write poetry, short stories, and whatever you call it and is currently working on a novel. He resides in Eugene, Oregon. You can find some of his work in Misfit Magazine.