Iain Macdonald

The views expressed in these poems
are not necessarily those of the poet,
although they may have been
at the time of writing, depending
upon the influence of anger or alcohol,
love or lust, memory or regret.

Further, the views expressed in these poems,
while not necessarily those of the poet
at the time of writing, may have become
his views since that time, due to the
aforementioned influence of anger, love, etc.

Finally, while the views expressed in these
poems may currently be those of the poet,
they are not guaranteed to remain so, due to
the assorted influences outlined above.

Readers are therefore advised to exercise
due caution when attempting to determine
the views of the poet.

Readers seeking greater clarity might consider
recourse to combinations of lust, memory, etc.
Alcohol may be considered a key ingredient
in any such combination.

That, at least, is the view of the poet.


Iain-MacdonaldBorn and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, Iain Macdonald currently lives in Arcata, California. He has earned his bread and beer in various ways, from flower picker to factory hand, merchant marine officer to high school teacher. His chapbooks, Plotting the Course and Transit Report, are published by March Street Press. A third chapbook, The Wrecker’s Yard, will be published by Kattywompus Press later this year.