To Be

Josslyn Turner

I was six when I sneaked
into my sister’s bedroom,
searching for something
that would help me smell
like the girls in my first-grade class—
warm vanilla or Japanese blossoms.
But, she was a tomboy, and had nothing
of the kind. What I did find, though,
was a stick of deodorant
standing on the dark wooden dresser
with Lady printed in white on a purple label.
When I rubbed it under my arms,
it was cold and silky, but I wasn’t satisfied.
I still wished
I was a girl.


Josslyn TurnerJosslyn Turner is a poet, writer, and open mic performer based in Modesto, California. She is currently studying English literature and creative writing at Modesto Junior College. Recently, she placed third in poetry and received an honorable mention for her academic essay in the Celebration of the Humanties at Modesto Junior College.