Fall / Winter 2019 Issue

2019 Julia Peterkin Flash Fiction Contest


Mourning Dove     by Benjamin Garcia

Honorable Mention:

Distilled Water      by Ethan Joella


My New Young Wife      by Hal Ackerman
Chappaquiddick     by Leah Browning
Pieces     by Kenneth Weene

Regular Features


Golden Boy     by Nina Schuyler
Woman Friend     by Brooke Turner
About St. Louis     by Catherine Uroff


I’m Sorry I Said Your Other Name      by Brianne Agnizle
I Can Make You Immortal     by Michelle Renee Hoppe
Coney Island, Baby!     by Áine O’Hare


A Rhapsody: Listening to Landscapes Speak     by Jay Brecker
Of the Hand that Made Me      by Patrice Boyer Claeys
Absence Lights     by John Davis Jr.
How Fast it Grows     by Bill Glose
In the Beginning     by Susan Ludvigson
Portrait of a Heron     by Terri McCord
Escalon, Past the Orchards     by Robin Michel
The Brother     by Eileen Pettycrew
Father’s Dwelling Place     by Victoria Richard

Book Reviews


The Edge of America: A Novel by John Sealy
Review by Rhonda Browning White
Educated by Tara Westover
Review by Tammy Ortung
Half-Hazard by Kristen Tracy
Review by Aaron Max Jensen