After Burial

George Such Remembering the sound of my father’s axe as it split wood, the pile of kindling on the ground, how my fingers would test the edge of the blade for sharpness and the day it left us when we ice-fished on Banks Lake, Mark chopping a hole through the thick ice, the axe slipping … Continue reading After Burial

Sex Kills

Alexis Pride Before the white girl went missing in 1969, they were like blood. Beautiful black boys, strong and tender in their eighteen-year-old bodies. Even then, Sweed had a man’s look about him: the shape of his head, round and full of grown folk’s mischief, sitting on a thick defiant neck. Everybody said hanging with … Continue reading Sex Kills

A Carnival World

Ben Berman Ghan  “Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.”  ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet   “Morning, sir.” You hate the sound of the word, “sir.” “Morning.” “Name, sir?” You don’t have a name anymore. “John.” “License and registration, please.” You hand it over. The picture looks just like you. He asks for your passport. … Continue reading A Carnival World

Fish Hook

Justin Eisenstadt Labor Day weekend arrives on dark, angry storm clouds. It rains all day Saturday and Sunday, and even though I can feel my plans washing away, I try to keep my focus on cooking. But as I look out the kitchen window at the rain that turns our gravel driveway into a stony … Continue reading Fish Hook